Here at Huck we create and customize a wide array of action sports goods. Fully customized by you, each piece of gear we create is one of a kind. Whether it's goggles, gloves, t-shirts, socks, beanies, sweatshirts or a jersey; we treat each item as a work of art.

Our main focus is our innovative Huck Goggles.

In a market full of cookie-cutter disposable goggles, we strive to produce something different, a goggle that holds up to the elements. It's hard to find a long-lasting goggle that doesn't fog up and still cuts the glare. Not to mention keeping dust out, while maintaining wide peripheral vision. 

    That's why we created the Huck Evo Goggle. Produced with the highest quality materials, and offering full customization.

Goggle Features include 

* Non-slip silicone strap, sublimation printed with your design.

* Fully polarized, high strength Polycarbonate lens, and a second clear lens included in every order.

* Comfortable triple-layer face foam that wicks moisture.

* 360 degrees of frame vents that will not intake fine dust particles.

* Facially contoured frame ensures comfort and tight seal from the elements.

* In-frame strap connectors.

Great for Motocross, Mountain Biking, BMX, snowmobiling, Skiing, Snowboarding, Auto racing, even jet skis!

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